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Rasmus Gjesing (Gjesing) January 4, 2005 07:46

Hi, I am a newbie in LES and
I am a newbie in LES and turbulence, so forgive me if my question is silly...

I have taken some of the functionality from dieselSpray to my own spray-class, but I have a question regarding the dispersionModel for LES.

Aren't any models implemented yet, or is the dispersionLESModel just a dummy like noDispersion because only the largest eddies ( which of course are calculated by LES ) influences/disperses the particles (if they of course are "medium" size).

Niklas Nordin (Niklas) January 4, 2005 12:00

Hi, Yes, the LES dispersi

Yes, the LES dispersion models is only a dummy (no dispersion) since the spray-class must be compatible with both the LES and RANS codes.

And I'm not sure it is needed either, at least not for spray applications. The spray will look 'random' anyway.

Note that the dispersion models in FOAM are modified to reduce the dispersion as I found that the original models produce unrealisticly high dispersion, which can be seen when you turn off evaporation.

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