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Dr B.M. Smith (Smith) December 9, 2004 18:17

Has anyone performed shock ca
Has anyone performed shock capturing in foam, specifically strong MHD shocks (as well as pure hydrodynamic shocks)? I was wondering if CICSAM schemes are suitable or designed for shock capturing, and if so, would it be suitable for MHD shock simulations as well as hydrodynamic shocks, and in general has anyone used foam for 2D or 3D MHD shock smulations? If anyone has advice on resistive MHD shock cases I'd be interested to know how they write their solvers because it would save me a lot of development time and energy, being a FOAM newbie.

Background: one thing that bothered me about my own FORTRAN MHD shock code was that while it handled shocks OK, as long as the B-field was not too huge, it would usually fail when I added in resistive terms or diffussion, even though I would alter the time step using additional CFL conditions to take into account the diffusion time scale. I want to try and solve the problem in FOAM though instead of developing my FORTRAN code, which is getting way too messy to maintain.

Thanks in advance,

Eugene de Villiers (Eugene) December 10, 2004 06:40

There certainly is a range of
There certainly is a range of compressible codes for shock capturing as well as a MHD module. I don't think anyone has tried combining them, but then I'm no expert on this. All the source is available so feel free to tinker.


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