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carcass March 16, 2009 19:10

Running decomposePar / reconstructPar as parallel apps?

Perhaps this is a stupid question, but I excel at those :)

Are decomposePar and reconstructPar parallel capable? What I mean is, can these programs successfully be run using OpenMPI or similar across multiple processors to speed the decomposition / reconstruction times for parallel cases?

Again, sorry if this is a silly question or if it could be answered by looking at the source of those programs--not a developer, just a tool-user in this case.

fra76 March 17, 2009 11:51

They are not parallel, but you could consider using redistributeMeshPar, that does work in parallel.


kwardle July 22, 2009 10:56

psuedo-parallel usage of reconstructPar
I wrote a basic bash script for running reconstructPar in pseudo-parallel mode as describe in this post. This is only useful if you need to reconstruct a large number of time directories from a transient run.

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