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mcjicpm2 March 17, 2009 17:55

inlet boundary condition for simplefoam solver
Hi ,

I am trying to model a flow with steady inlet swirl, setting the case is very easy in fluent since I will just define the tangential and axial velocity component. However, in OpenFoam I do not know how to set this up. I was thinking buy using a fixedValue option and then specifyin the correct vector I could have done the job but it is not the case. can anyone help me with this issue?
my case has an axial component and one tangential component. my mesh is created in fluent and I am using the fluentMesh converter utility to transfer the mesh. I used simpleFoam solver and the flow is steady.

prapanj March 18, 2009 01:41

Hi, I don't have much knowledge on this, nor have I run any case with a swirl. But I guess using a SRFVelocity at the inlet could be of help. Search for it in the forum. I found a few hits. :) Also try reading about simpleSRFFoam, which could be a solver for your purpose.

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