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Fonss March 17, 2009 20:21

simulate flat air passage ways
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I have this set of filters that have flat air passage ways. Kind of like a piece of coroplast or double walled cardboard where the material has a thickness of 1/4" or so and the walls are separated by thin walls that form tubes. I'm adding some pictures for your entertainment. Anyway I'm not interested in the actual modeling of the coroplast, but just to some how simulate it. It is basically a slight pressure drop plus the flow can only go in one direction. Is it possible to model this without actually modeling every single hole there to force the flow in one direction?



rparks May 7, 2009 08:54

Looks like you neither want to model nor simulate the tube array, but only simulate it's effect on two fluid domains connected by the tube array.

You should write a boundary condition that allows only a tube-axial velocity component, where the perpendicular components are zero. Additionally this boundary condition fixes the pressure difference between two related patches, as it is also done in the fan type boundary condition.

Applying this bc to two patches connected by the tube array gives you the described flow properties without simulating any internal flow.

Does this make sense?

Fonss July 21, 2009 23:54

Interesting. i see what you mean. I just really have no idea how to force the boundary to constraint the flow in only one direction. I'm interested in the fan BC and looking at what others have posted before

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