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holzmichel March 18, 2009 11:17

Needing help
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Hello all,

I'm using the OF1.5 and want to foam a channel with free surface, a dynamicMesh and particle tracking. The attachment show my concept to understand.
Here are my questions and i hope anybody can help me to solve my probs because i'm new in OF.

1) How can I create a dynamicMesh like an paddlewheel? I read about turbDyMFoam what seems to be perfect for my project. Is it possible to use it in the OF1.5?

2) How can I create the free surface? The free surface presents the air over water.

3) I want to track very small particles in the water because i want to follow their way in deltaT. Is that possible in OF1.5? I read about the LagrangianFoam but it doesn't work with OF1.5 or should I delude oneself?? When I didn't what possibilities I have?

Thanks for your help

best regards


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