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Matteo85 March 26, 2009 08:43

as part of my M.Sc. Thesis I'm working on the implementation of DDES models, starting from their corresponding DES models.
As regards the modification that has to be introduced in the definition of the DES length scale of each model so as to perform DDES, I've found information in literature about the kOmegaSST model ("Ten years of industrial experience with the SST turbulence model", Menter, 2003) and the SpalartAllmaras model ("A new version of detached eddy simulation, resistant to ambiguous grid densities", Theor. Comp. Fluid Dyn., Spalart, 2006).
However in the latter, it is said that the form of the proposed modification

dTilda = d - fd*max(0,d - CDES*delta)

is not limited to the SpalartAllamaras model, but is applicable to other models, although some kind of adjustment might be required for fd.
I'd like to know if anyone has some information about the application of this formula to DES models other than SpalartAllamaras-based or kOmegaSST-based. In particular I'm interested in the adaptation to DDES form of the DES model based on Wolfshtein one equation model.

Thank you,
have a nice day!

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