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lbeaudet March 28, 2009 19:00

Rotating cylinder with GGI
Hi everyone !

I am a new user of OpenFOAM 1.5-dev.
I would like to study a VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine). But first, I get trained by analysing the flow around a cylinder. I do step by step: I simulated laminar flows over a fixed 2D cylinder, then turbulent ones, then laminar flows over a 2D rotating cylinder using GGI. Later on, I'll use a more complex geometry 2D and 3D.
My question is how to solve a turbulent flow over a 2D rotating cylinder using GGI ? There is no tutorial on it, and I don't really know how to change the applicationClass in system/controlDict. In the example mixerGgi, it is "icoTopoFoam", but what should it be for a turbulent flow ?
I remind you I am a very new Foamer, so feel free to give details, tips, advices, links and even example cases that you have done. I thank you in advance.


lbeaudet March 31, 2009 16:56


Is my question not clear ? Is it stupid or illogical ?
I don't think I am the only one who tries to simulate turbulent flows with a dynamic mesh (GGI)... Am I ?
By the way, in system/controlDict, what is the difference between "application" and "applicationClass" ?


hansel July 2, 2009 17:40

I'm attempting to use turbDyMFoam, but haven't actually figured it all out yet.

Stefan Arsovski July 3, 2009 11:34

Hi, I need to do the same and I know how to do it on Fluent + Gambit. But I can't even install OpenFOAM :( So I w8 for hansel to help me.

hani July 6, 2009 02:13


I would like you to read the following Wiki page:

You should be able to find a lot of useful information there.


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