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olhe0002 April 2, 2009 03:38

totalPressre in OpenFOAM
Hi there!

I want to compare a STAR-CD Simulation with OpenFOAM.
It's a simple incompressible flow through a duct.
In STAR you can define the inlet: total pressure p=75Pa.

So i used the totalPressure boundary condition in OpenFOAM:
for p:

type totalPressure;
U U;
phi phi;
rho none;
psi none;
gamma 1;
p0 uniform 62.2406639;
value uniform 0;

because it's an incompressible flow i used p/density for the value p0.
75Pa/1.205 kg/m = 62.2406639 m/s

EnSight is used for the interpretation of the results.
Instead of the 62.2406639 there is an another, smaller value present at the inlet.

- Is a smaller value defined because of p=p0 - 0.5*U
- Is it possible in OpenFOAM to define a total Pressure boundary condition with an
fixed Value (like in STAR-CD) ?


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