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Hectux April 16, 2009 09:05

Circulation in a pipe (icoFoam)

I am trying to simulate an inner circulation in a pipe.

The flow pattern shall be as followed:
lamminar flow along the wall to the circular areas and reversed flow in the center of the tube.

I wanted to purport the form of the slug. So I chose a cylinder. The shell and the circular areas I defined as walls. Then I chose a velocity for the shell.
So I did not moved the slug within the pipe but only the outer wall.

In Ansys CFX it worked good. But I have some problems with the OpenFOAM Solver.

When I chose a mesh with a moderate quality it begins to work. The fluid begins to flow in the reversed direction in the centre of the tube and near the walls in the other direction (like the walls).
But after some time the pressure raises at one of the circulare areas and therefore also the velocity in the whole pipe to infinity.

When I choose a mesh with a better quality I get contnuity errors. I do not know why because I do not have an outlet.

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