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Xabi April 22, 2009 07:02

Adding coriolis forces in simplefoam
Hi all!

I am trying to add coriolis forces in simplefoam into the momentum equation.
The source code for the momentum equation is the following:

fvm::div(phi, U)+ turbulence->divDevReff(U) = -fvc::grad(p)

and I would like to add the coriolis force component that should be computed from the cross product between the velocity (U) and the earth angular velocity.
I do not know how to implent it as U is a volvectorField and the angular velocity I have defined as Vector <scalar>.

Thank you in advance.


Rene April 24, 2009 04:43

Dear Xabi,

have a look at the simpleSRFFoam solver provided with OpenFOAM 1.5 tutorials. There is already everything in it you want to do.

I hope this helps,



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