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flying April 29, 2009 17:18

Error: icoLagrangianFoam
Dear all:

When I don't compute the case from 0, there is some error information as follows. Would you like to give me some advice about it?
Thanks and best regards!

Create time

Create mesh for time = 0.5

Reading transportProperties

Reading field p

Reading field U

Reading/calculating face flux field phi

Constructing Particles

unexpected class name IncompressibleCloud expected regIOobject
while reading object positions

file: /home/cui/OpenFOAM/cui-1.5/applications/solver/save_2/IcoLagrangianFoam/cavityLagrange/0.5/lagrangian/defaultCloud/positions at line 15.

From function regIOobject::readStream(const word&)
in file db/regIOobject/regIOobjectRead.C at line 114.

FOAM exiting


gschaider April 30, 2009 14:41

Seems like the Restart is broken. I'll have a look, but don't hold your breath. If you happen to find a fix before me let me know.


flying May 4, 2009 02:20

Thanks! I will try my best to fix it, but I am good at C++ and OpenFOAM, it is possible to take long time for me to do.

su_junwei May 4, 2009 04:03

Hi xinguang

What's you position file like? OpenFOAM read and write lagrangian field through the class of IOField. In "positions" file the word "IncompressibleCloud" should not be included.


su_junwei May 4, 2009 06:56

hi gschaider
1 Attachment(s)
Hi gschaider and xinguang

The restating problem of icoLagrangianFoam is fixed. The revised version is attached


gschaider May 4, 2009 07:29

Hi Junwei!


Originally Posted by su_junwei (Post 215067)
The restating problem of icoLagrangianFoam is fixed. The revised version is attached

Great job.

You want to check these changes into the SVN yourself (you need a Sourceforge-account and I've got to give you write access)


su_junwei May 4, 2009 08:43

yes,gschaider. I have one. User name: sujunwei


gschaider May 4, 2009 16:54

Hi Junwei!


Originally Posted by su_junwei (Post 215077)
yes,gschaider. I have one. User name: sujunwei

You've been added with write-access. Make sure that you only check in what you want to ;)


holzmichel May 28, 2009 07:27


i tried to run icoLagrangianFoam and I am using OF-1.5-dev.
With the command icoLagrangianFoam i got following message and do not know how to go on.

keyword useMomentumSource is undefined in dictionary "/home/michel/OpenFOAM/michel-1.5-dev/diplom/icoLagrangianFoam/channelParticles/constant/cloudProperties"

file: /home/michel/OpenFOAM/michel-1.5-dev/diplom/icoLagrangianFoam/channelParticles/constant/cloudProperties from line 27 to line 27.

From function dictionary::lookupEntry(const word& keyword) const
in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 213.

Can somebody help me, please.
I try to understand the icoLagrangian case to make a turbLagrangianFoam solver with dynamicMesh and VOF Method.

Best regards


gschaider May 28, 2009 11:05


Originally Posted by holzmichel (Post 217413)

keyword useMomentumSource is undefined in dictionary "/home/michel/OpenFOAM/michel-1.5-dev/diplom/icoLagrangianFoam/channelParticles/constant/cloudProperties"

The answer is quite easy: if it is undefined ..... define it. Something like

useMomentumSource 0;

should be sufficient


flying May 28, 2009 11:24

eyword useMomentumSource is undefined in dictionary "/home/michel/OpenFOAM/michel-1.5-dev/diplom/icoLagrangianFoam/channelParticles/constant/cloudProperties

Yes! The answer is very correct. But as you are a beginner, I l would like to add some words.

From the error information, you could find useMomentSource should be defined in the file of clouldProperties.

So you need to add the lines as foamer in the file of clouldProperties.

holzmichel May 29, 2009 03:33

Thank you Bernhard and Xinguang - i will try it

holzmichel June 11, 2009 04:45

create Particle
Hello again,

can me somebody explain useMomentumSource and subCycles, please.
The solver is working but I have new problems in using this solver because I want to inject more than 1 particle per timeStep. I thought this I can set the number of particle injection in the injectorProperties file but this is not the right way.

Thanks for your help

best regards


flying June 11, 2009 04:50

the useMomentumSource is the source term from the particles. It is Momentum Source. If you want to know more about it you need to see the file of HardBallParticle.C or IncompressibleCloud.C

For the code, it only could inject one particle per time step. If you want to inject more than one, you need to do some other work.

flying June 11, 2009 09:33

I am sorry that I know few about your project. And I am so familiar with the icoLagrangianFoam.

But I think if you only wants to add particle in same step: One way is to change something in the code, another way is to set up the time step with very small time step, it seems that the particles are added in one step.

holzmichel June 11, 2009 11:18

thank you for your advice.



flying November 11, 2009 13:26

Another bug for icoLagrangianFoam in parallelized computing

I hope all of you are fine.
There is a big bug on "icoLagrangianFoam" in the case of paralleling computing. There is no problem for the case are computed using one process. If the mesh is decomposed in the z direction for cavity, the particle could be moved, but the result is different with case of using one process, it is the same situation for the y direction. The worst thing is that the particles can not be moved if it is decomposed in x direction after the computation starts some steps. From the position file, it could be seen that some particles dwells on the location of 0.05 in the folder of "processor0", and on another folder of "processor1" is also the same situation. It is absolutely there is some problem during the process for one particle transferring to another processor.

Does anyone also find the bug?
It is very sad I know few about the part of transfer field of particles. Who would like to give me some advice on it?

Thanks and best wishes!

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