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sambatra May 27, 2009 06:47

mesh squeezing
Hi there,
I'm dealing with combustion modeling and it involves mesh motion is 2D model,for the field we have inlet,outlet,left and right symmetry plane.when the trash is burnt, it produces ashes so the volume is reduced according to the equation(mesh is squeezed):
deltay = deltay*G G is a factor to be calculated in the code,deltay is the hight of the cell.the displacement is then d = delta(1-G) which is in terms of the temperature in a zone.
for the pointDisplacement file we have:
dimension (meter)
internal field non uniform d
boundary(in fact I changed the outlet patch into slip one)
for the inlet I set the displacement equal to zero
for the solver I set:
displacementComponentLaplace y;
diffusivity uniform;
Would you be so kind as to tell me whether I did well?
You see, I already tried a simple mesh squeezing with a simple case with a uniform displacement and it gave an error message like
solver table empty............!!!!probably the displacement I put was so big!! I dont know

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