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Martin123 May 28, 2009 03:59

Internal field manipulation on run-time
Dear foamers,

I would like to ask sth closely related to my different thread:

I have an equation e.g. k(x)*gradČu(x) with u as sole DOF and want to manipulate k(x) on run-time, e.g. inserting material inhomogeneities. But I would like to do this on runtime. Can you lead me in the right direction - which modifications are necessary to an existing solver?

Thanks a lot,

henrik May 29, 2009 09:51

Dear Martin,

the last section of my reply to your other thread contains a code snippet that should give you an idea about how to change a field at runtime.

If not, please let us know where exactly your problem lies.


Martin123 June 3, 2009 18:11

Dear Henrik,

again thanks for your help. I will continue commenting in the other thread, actually, I think I had only one problem.


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