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leonardo.morita June 8, 2009 08:24

Perturbations in LES solvers

I'm simulating a jet in cross-flow with oodles and after some very preliminary results I found it strange that the velocity profile very close to the jet inlet was quite perturbed (turbulent), even if my inlet BC is uniform (fixedValue).
I mapped RANS results as initial conditions, but isn't it strange that this kind of perturbations appears in the very beginning of the tube?
I've verified the initial mapped fields and I found no perturbation, i.e., the profile at the same position mentioned above is totally uniform.
Do you know if the LES solvers generate perturbations in the flow by default?
By the way, do you think the turbulentInlet BC might be useful in my case (with no cyclic patches)? I ask this because I've read some posts where people say this is not enough to generate "permanent" turbulent structures, as they are dissipated very briefly, but usually people refer to a periodic system...
Thank you.


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