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Gio June 16, 2009 05:56

Diesel mixing-controlled combustion models
Hi everybody, I am trying to understand the models implemented in OpenFoam dealing with this topic, for simulation in Diesel engine.
In particular, is the Pasr model effectively implemented? how to set the value of Cmix in /constant/combustionProperties?
I am studying the PhD Thesis by Nordin, but I am not sure that in OpenFoam the theory there shown is applied directly.

Any hint and refencence about it will be very appreciated!

Thanks a lot,


niklas June 17, 2009 03:39

The version in foam is slightly updated/modified, due to the way chemistry is solved.

You can search for Golovitchev if you want references.

Gio June 17, 2009 05:08

Thanks Niklas, I am going into depth on the matter, for the moment it is important for me to know that an advanced submodel for the mixing-controlled combustion is implemented.
Any other hint, in particular regarding the application of the model to Diesel ICE, will be very appreciated.

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