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keishawillstone June 25, 2009 09:21

reaching convergence
Hi there,
Me again,I tried to run a code and it turned out that it diverged,all I know is that it can not deal with this expression:
volscalarField rchim = 0.765/pow(Rep,0.82)+0.365/pow(Rep,0.386);
Rep is volscalarField 'Reynolds number'
it sent this error message:
Floating point Exception
When I turn it into:
volscalarField rchim = 0.765*pow(Rep,0.82)+0.365*pow(Rep,0.386);
it runs,so I thought that it should be related to '/' sign
Should I add another header to take the floating point into account?but which one?or what do I have to do?
I'm sorry to bother you but I'm little bit new to openfoam and I get along as long as I work on it.Please can you help me out?

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