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karam June 28, 2009 06:56

diesel Engine simulation in OpenFOAM
Hi, Foamers!!

I have some trouble in Diesel engine simulation in OpenFOAM.

I made "my sector mesh" by converting from KIVA3V to OpenFOAM and got "control", "system" folder files from dieselFOAM tutorial case. (control/enginegeometry file comes from engineFOAM tutorial case)

I used dieselEngineFOAM solver that provided by OpenFOAM 1.5.x

Finally, I can see moving mesh and diesel spray injection in my mesh!!

But........."Pressure" does not changing!! :(
Pressure always keep staying for both motoring & injecting conditon
(i.e initial condition for p = 100000 at -180
after -60 degree "p" also 100000)

How can I solve this problem......

belows are my input file list
/-180/epsilon, k, N2, O2, p, spray, T, U and Ydefault


/constant/chemistryProperties, combustionProperties, engineGeometry
enviromentalProperties, injectorProperties, RASproperties, sprayProperties

/system/controlDict, fvSchemes and fvSolution

abminternet March 1, 2011 10:46

Hi Karam,

Did you manage to solve the pressure problem? I am using sonicTurbDyMEngineFoam and I observe the same thing!! pressure is not changing :S I am running out of ideas, maybe you could tell me what the problem and solution was in your case??

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