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bastil June 30, 2009 11:51

Performance 1.5-dev with ggi
Dear all,

I run a large case with about 30 million cells on 32 CPUs using openmpi1.6 from OpenFOAM build with mx-support. One iteration for this run takes about 80 seconds. Fluent uses about 60 seconds with the coupled solver, the seggregated solver is much quicker. My FLUENT setup is optimised, my FOAM setup is not (I do not really know how to do). This difference looks extremely large to me. What can this be caused by?

Thanks BastiL

bastil June 30, 2009 15:46

Some more infos to add:
FLUENT runs with HP-MPI and 2nd order upwind. OF with the central differencing schemes. I have read that these are quickest in OF.
I am not sure if the poor performance is caused by the ggis - I could try run a comparison case without ggi.

Regards BastiL

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