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titio July 2, 2009 12:00

PISO Questions
Hi Foamers,

I have two questions concerning the implementation of PISO in OpenFoam.

1- What exactly does the comand ddtPhiCorr (rUA, U, phi)? I think it does the correction of
fluxes on the surface of control volumes, but I am not completely sure. If this is right, why it
is done after adjustPhi (phi, U, P)? What it is being done on this two steps?

2-After solving the momentum predictor, why it is done immediately the correction of pressure boundary
field? Is it possible to do it? Can this done using p.boundaryField().upadteCoeffs();?. I am asking this
because I am trying to simulate a the flow of a fluid where extra stresses are important, and, I am getting
the right velocity profile but the wrong value of pressure gradient. I think I am not actualizing properly
the pressure field, but I am not sure how i csn do it correctly.



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