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sega July 7, 2009 04:39

Reading field values and setting them as boundary conditions
Hello World.

Let me introduce a problem I'm currently thinking about.
Maybe we can brainstorm on it together?

I'm dealing with a very complex mesh on which I have already performed a solution. Now I want to re-run a very 'closeup' investigation of a small region inside of this domain.
So I was wondering if cutting this region and investigating it on its own can be done in this way...

It is basically the following:
I need to read internal field values from an existing case and set them as boundary conditions for another case.

Let me explain this in some detail with the cavity case.
Having found the solution of the case I want to use half of the domain for another case.
Splitting the original mesh into two the original internal faces become boundary faces for the new case.

What I want to achieve is that the values of the internal faces of the existing solution are somehow 'read' and then put as boundary conditions to the new case for each (existing) timestep while the solver is running on the new case.

This may sound odd in case of the simple cavity case, but I'm confident it may be useful in my special case.

Any help is appreciated.
Have a nice day...

sega July 7, 2009 06:18

Looks like the mesh handling can be done with subsetMesh (which uses cellSet).

Now I need a tool, which reads the values from the original internal field and put them onto the new faces.

Sounds easy :(

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