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yapalparvi July 9, 2009 18:10

VOF method +surface tension
Hi ,

Has anybody implemented VOF method incorporating surface tension effetcs. In the tutorial given, the surface tension has been neglected . Many thanks

henrik July 11, 2009 05:23


I don't know which tutorial you are refering to, but surface tension (transportProperties::sigma) is definitely taken into account in the damBreak tutorial.


yapalparvi July 12, 2009 10:37


Yes, the surface tension has been prescribed in the dam break problem. I would like to know whether any problem has been solved using openFOAM which involves boundary conditions prescribed by means of surface tension at the interface

henrik July 12, 2009 14:46

Dear Ramesh,

there is a formulation for the contact angle which has originally been used for simulations of meandering rivulet flows. See here:


yapalparvi July 16, 2009 17:32

Hi Henrik,

Could you please tell me where is this file interfaceProperties.C located. I could see that interfaceProperties.H is included in interFoam.C . Can I also know where are the headers files which are used in the solvers are located?. Thanks


jploz July 17, 2009 03:56


just have a look at the file 'Make/options'. Compiler includes etc. for the specific solver/lib are defined within this file. Then follow the specified paths.
Alternatively you could use the 'Search file' functionality provided by your operation system or use the (online) doxygen documentation (also provides search functionality).


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