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thomasduerr July 13, 2009 10:03

transient heat transfer - radiation model - implausible results
Hi FOAMers,

a quick question with hope to find some help::-)

I have implemented the P1 radiation model from steady state buoyantSimpleRadiationFoam into the transient buoyantFoam solver.
Initially I made some checks on the buoyantFoam solver (i.e. excluding radiation) and found that OF 1.5 gave implausible temperature results (see e.g. simple geometries such as tutorial etc.).(temperature dropping below initial T_BC)
I then updated buoyantFoam solver with git and found plausible results, however when including the radiation model into both OF 1.5 and OF 1.5.x the results for the convection case hotRoom with a strongly refined mesh were not what you would expect again - for both versions.(e.g. for the hotRoom case <<300K).

Apart from the fact that there might be something wrong with my strategy of implementing the existing radiation model (I needed to modifiy buoyantFoam.C, hEqn.H & createFields.H in my opinion, plus I source the 1.5x src files etc.) does anybody have a clue if extra things have to be taken into account when t when implementing the radiation mode into 1.5.x. (since originally in OF 1.5 the solver excluding radiation gave results T<300K as well)

Thanks a lot!!

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