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keishawillstone July 17, 2009 03:55

What's the remedy for that!!!
Hi there,
I'm dealing with combustion model(it involves moving mesh manipulation).
About the model:
Apart from all the equations related to the model, the equation of the temperature of the gas,(T) and that of the temperature of the household refuse(Ts) are coupled
At this stage I'm finished implementing the whole code,compiling it.
When I run it,it's ok with the first time step but when it comes to the second time step,it crashes at this point:
volScalarField crchim = exp(18.3e+3/(Rs*Ts));
it looks like the value of Ts field is so little by coming out of the first time step and it crashes at this point during the second time step!!!!
Though,I relaxed every dependent variable but it doesn't work out anyway and also the courant number is far much less than 1!!!.
I don't have much experience so can somebody out there help me out and tell me what I can do to work it out?Please,I'm quite stuck!!!!
Best Regards

sachin July 17, 2009 11:49

Are you sure that ur mesh skewness ratio is fine even after the time step ....
could be the reason why it fails ...just for testing the code try running for stationery mesh ... hope this helps...:)

keishawillstone July 21, 2009 05:53

hi Sachin,
thank you for the tip,I will try it!
sorry for the delay in replying!

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