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anger July 23, 2009 11:10

Steady state version of interFoam

I'm trying to simulate a free surface flow in a vessel with in- and outflow below the fluid surface. In order to save some computing time, I was wondering how interFoam could be tuned to do steady state calculations.
After some digging in the forum and other literature (O. Ubbink and H. Rusche's thesis) I have a very (well, the emphasis lies on very) basic understanding of what is going on.
The easiest way to proceed seemed to be to throw out all terms containing time derivatives and replacing PISO by SIMPLE in interFoam and the related files which was an easy task. Then I found out that MULES was a transient solver and now I have doubts whether this is the correct way to carry on because changing this piece of code goes way too deep into OF for me.
Can anyone give informations on what is necessary to convince interFoam to do steady state calculations?


ovie October 1, 2009 12:49

steady state implementation of interFoam / MULES solver
Hi all,

I am also working on a phase change problem using interPhaseChangeFoam. Is it possible to implement the MULELS solver in steady state?

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