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barath.ezhilan July 25, 2009 14:06

k Omega SST SAS for OpenFOAM 1.5???
Hi All,

I am currently simulating strong swirling flow in a conical diffuser.

I have tried out the k-Omega SST filter model proposed by Nilsson and it works!!
I tried with the RSMThe time step error blows up in the RSM model

Now I would like to use the k Omega SST-SAS technique as proposed by Menter!

The model for OpenFoam 1.4 version is given here

however, I am using OpenFOAM version 1.5

Is the k-Omega SST-SAS turbulence model available for OpenFOAM 1.5??

ngj July 25, 2009 15:13

Hi Barath

Without knowing the full extend of the problems, I believe you should be able to download the files and compare them with those for kOmegaSST currently available under 1.5.x.
As the basis probably is the same, you should be able to identify the differences and make your own implementation of the kOmegaSST-SAS.
When it is done and tested, I will encourage you to share the implementation via the wiki.

Have a nice weekend,


barath.ezhilan July 25, 2009 19:38

Hi Niels,

Thanks for your reply.. I will do it soon and share it with you guyz!!

L.J.Jiang June 2, 2010 07:41

Dear Barath

How about your SAS experience?
Could you share some results or tutorials with us?
Thanks in advance!


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