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sanjibdsharma July 26, 2009 02:30

MutiSpecies Reacting Flow
Hi All,

I have been trying to create a model for multi-species turbulent reacting flow (not Combustion). After going through the threads, I am finding it difficult to understand some of the key issues which I am listing below:

1) What *.H files are required ?

I have included the following:
i) multiComponentMixture.H
ii) UEqn.H, pEqn.H, hEqn.H,YEqn.H
iii)turbulenceModel.H, transportModel.H
iv) chemistry.H, reactingMixture.H,readChemistryProperties.H

2) I have modified the reactingFoam.C file to remove/add the required files to convert into a Multi-Component-Reacting file --- will this change work ?

3) Since I am using a incompressible turbulence model, what changes are required to convert the simpleFoam into a multispecies reacting flow model ? What header files are to be included ?

4) In the transportProperties and thermophysicalProperties input files, how do I include rho and Cp as a function of the species mass-fraction?

Pls let me know as soon as possible. It would be great if there are some examples or tutorials.

Thanks in advance.


villet August 2, 2009 08:14

Hi Sanjib,

can you tell us more about your case?

- You have a certain number of species, a mixture of reacting gas/liquid?
- How do you define the reactions?

I was wondering why "reactingFoam" isn't suitable for you. Is it because of the chemistry library in OpenFOAM?


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