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Ahmed August 2, 2009 10:56

The cavity Tutorial
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Being new to OpenFOAM, I tried the first tutorial, i.e., the cavity problem, a classic case found on most CFD solvers's tutorials, I tried to see how accurate is the solution obtained by OF, the initial mesh distribution is 20x20x1. I increased the mesh resolution to 40x40x1, 80x80x1 and 160x160x1. In each case I plotted both the pressure and U velocity magnitude. here they are
The only remark I can make is that the maximum/minimum pressure values double each time the mesh resolution is doubled.
A couple of questions come to my mind
1- Will I ever get a solution independent of the mesh resolution
2- How small should I go to reach that solution

Am I missing something? :confused:

N.B. The time step has been decreased in each case to maintain a courant number less than 1

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