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sean_mcintyre August 3, 2009 14:52

combining dynamic mesh functions
I've been working much lately with OpenFOAM's dynamic mesh capability, mostly in combining several of the functions, such as layer addition/removal within a sliding interface region (think like an object moving through a mesh "pipe" with layer removal in front of it and addition behind). In order to clean up the capability some, rather than searching through point coordinates, etc, I've been using zones, region splits, etc for the moving points mask. The one real kicker is the preMotionPoints brought about from the mapPolyMesh object when a mesh layer is added. The old faceZones, etc aren't of easy use in marking up those points for motion. It'd be possible to just find the nearest point in the old points list (prior to topo change) and use its region to determine the new mask, but that is not a very efficient (or quite robust) way of doing things.

Is there a generally accepted way of dealing with the movingPointsMask (or vertexMarkup) with preMotionPoints using zones and regionSplits, or maybe something within the 1.6 (or 1.5-dev) polyMesh stuff?

Sean McIntyre

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