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yapalparvi August 5, 2009 09:03

Adding temperature field to InterFoam
Hi all,

I am trying to add the temperature field to the interFoam solver. I have followed the similar steps as given in one of the threads to add temperature field to icoFoam solver. I am not sure of the boundary conditions to be be prescribed to the temperature file in 0/T. Could anybody please help me. Thanks


feijooos August 5, 2009 11:30


As I see it, there are four possible boundary condition you can choose from.

1) fixedValue
2) zeroGradient
3) gradient
4) empty

If you have a 2D mesh, at least one patch has to be of the 'empty' kind.

FixedValue will give you a fixed temperature at that specific boundary

zeroGradient will give you no change in temperature across the boundary

Gradient will give you something like a specified heat flux.

Look at this example:

dimensions [0 0 0 1 0 0 0];

internalField uniform 290;

type fixedValue;
value uniform 350;
type zeroGradient;
type zeroGradient;

Good luck,


yapalparvi August 5, 2009 11:56


Thanks for your input. It worked!. I am still not sure whether I am following the correct way. I just followed the similar procedure as in the tutorial to add temperature field to icoFoam solver. Please give me some inputs whether this makes sense or not.



feijooos August 5, 2009 11:58

Can you be more specific in what your concerns are.....

yapalparvi August 5, 2009 12:29


my worry is that is that so straightforward in adding temperature field to interFOam as in the case of cavity test case which involves icoFoam

feijooos August 5, 2009 12:33

I think you try to say this: it is not so straightforward to add temperature into interFoam as it is in icoFoam.

This is true, the energy equation that you've just added does not take into account certain two phase properties which exist in interFoam.

yapalparvi August 5, 2009 12:35

yes you are right. Do you have any idea how to go about it?

feijooos August 5, 2009 12:50

you could rewrite the equation to incoorporate the two-phase properties

chiven October 14, 2009 20:18

Hi, dear yapalparvi, I am doing the same job just as you. The details of my rivision the solver is shown in the thread.
Please correct me if there is something wrong. Good luck.

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