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PetSul August 11, 2009 01:53

How to calculate heat transfer and solidification?
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I'm new with OpenFOAM. I have a case to solve which is as follows:

- There are three solid particles (dimensions about 1mm x 1mm x 3 mm). Between the particles there are little gaps (1mm) containing gas phase. At time t=0 there is a layer of hot liquid phase on top of particles.

- Hot liquid starts to flow between the gaps and around the particles due to gravity.

Schematic picture of the system is shown bellow.

- The problem should be calculated as three dimensional.

The main goals are:

1. Heat transfer to the solid particles caused by the hot liquid should be calculated to obtain a temperature profile.

2. Solidification of the liquid phase should be modelled.

Could this be modelled by adding heat transfer to some existing multiphase model? Is VOF-model useful for this kind of problem?

Is there anyone who could tell me how to get started? I'd appreciate it very much if someone could help.

Thank you,

Petri Sulasalmi

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