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Linh.Hoang August 25, 2009 05:18

Hi Foamers,
I try to calculate a heated channel, only the upper wall ist heated with a uniform heat flux. I try to use the new buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam Solver from OpenFoam 1.6.
my boundary conditions:

inlet: -fixed Value for U,k, epsilon and T

-zeroGradient for p

outlet: -zeroGradient for U,k,epsilon and T

-for p i tried to use the new bc uniformDensityHydrostaticPressure
to obtain the change of the pressure because of buoyancy, iḿ not
sure weather this is right or should i use buoyantPressure for
outlet bc?

walls: -no slip for U

-wall functions for k and epsilon

-buoyantPressure for p, iḿ not sure which value to choose,
what value ist ist exactly? for rho i choosed rhok.

Are the boundary conditions right? What are the differences between buoyantPressure and uniformDensityHydrostaticPressure? Which one ist the better choice for outlet at my case?

thanks for any help

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