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eliwide September 8, 2009 00:16

Temperature Dependent Fluid Properties
I am trying to run a model with buoyantSimpleFoam with temperature dependent material properties but as a newbie I do not know where to start when editing the thermophysicalProperties file. I have the model running without any issues with constant properties but I need to model them as temperature dependent.

It seems that it is possible, since Chapter 7.1 of the user guide says that Cp can be defined by a polynomial using "hPolynomialThermo" and the thermodynamic transport properties with "polynomialTransport".

If someone could provide an example, that would be a huge start.

Thanks for the help

chiven September 8, 2009 21:09

Hi, dear eliwide, you can reference to the buoyantBoussinesqSimpleFoam solver, which the rho is dependent on the temperature.
best regards,

mmahdinia September 9, 2009 06:42

tempreture-dependent density for incompresible LES

I am using incompressible LES solver for flow over step simulation. I have added the turbulent heat equation to the solver but still I don't know how to implement a temperature dependence for the density.

Can anyone tell me how to employ a density with a linear dependence on temperature (without using the OpenFOAM compressible codes)?

anijdon March 23, 2011 16:41

I want to simulate an incompressible nanofluid flow with heat transfer using simpleFoam (i.e. solver includes an energy equation). The conductivity and viscosity of the fluid is temperature dependent . I don't know haw can modify the solver and case directories to these properties become temperature dependent :confused:;you had similar problem, if you was succeeded in resolving would you help me:o?

kind regards

sahmadian December 15, 2012 20:21

I am new in using OpenFOAM. The problem I am looking at is a freezing process of foods. So it is a solidification problem with temperature dependent properties. Any information in regard to the temperature dependent properties?

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