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svens September 11, 2009 14:29

Weird Results for Launder-Gibson-RSTM
Hello together

I'm running a simple calculation of 2D turbulent channel flow with OF standard Launder-Gibson-RSTM.

Evaluating the results wih the Log-Wall-Law there are huge differences to u+=1/kappa*log(y+)+5.5.

Before I run the RSTM calc I did the same with OFs k-epsilon model. The k-epsioln results representat almost perfect the Log-Wall-Law chracteristics.

The only differnce between the 2 cases have been the mesh. I used for the RSTM a grid with bigger first cell (y+=35).

Did anyone made similar experiences? Or have an idea were I have to tune to adjust my case for the RSTM?

Thanks for your input!

Cheers - Sven

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