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wang.zhy September 18, 2009 05:39

question about hcTrans calculation in ReactingParcel.C
Hi Foamers
I have got a confused question concerning the calculation of hcTrans in ReactingParcel.C .
// Transfer mass lost from particle to carrier mass source
forAll(dMassPC, i)
label gid =, i);[cellI] += np0*dMassPC[i];[cellI] +=
As the comment said ,dMassPC is the mass transfer from particle to carrier.
If dMassPC>0,carrier get mass transfered from particle.
so for mass source: rhoTrans = np0*dMassPC
but ,for hcTrans ,i think it might be different.
in the process that particle give mass to carrier,
carrier shoud give latent heat to particle .
So ,[cellI] +=

shoud be modified to reflect the Latent heat transport .
this is my modified version[cellI] -=np0*dMassPC[i]*L;
am i right ?
its important for me !want help!
sorry for bad english .

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