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santiagomarquezd September 18, 2009 15:38

Setting up interFoam for sloshing
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Hi all, I'm dealing with some problems setting up a case to run with interFoam. It's quite simple but I'm achieving good results. The problems is a mass oscillator, namely a sloshing problem. I initialize the problem with a sinusoidal surface and then the system is free to evolve, oscillating with a decreasing sinusoid (if check the free surface height in a certain vertical line). I've used the setting for the Dam Break case and changed the nonOrthogonal corrections to 20 in order to improve the response of the solver in a non-colocated mesh.
In the attached pictures the initial and final situations are shown, as you can see the initial condition is sinusoidal but at the end the surface is completely different. The other picture is a mesh detail in the interface zone.
I've took a look of the manuals, forums, etc, but i can't realize what are the most important parameters to go in the correct way in modeling this problem. As I said I changed the nonOrthogonal corrections without better results, I also activated the momentum predictor but I gave me problems with high velocity spots. I have another solution with a better mesh but it exhibits same problems.

All ideas are accepted. Thanks in advance.

santiagomarquezd December 15, 2009 16:30

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Hello, I've working on this problem for the last months, and I've solved some concerns, but I have new problems with temporal discretization or something similar. As you can see in the attachment three solution are in good agree with the theoretical results, these calculation were carried out with unstructured meshes. Now I'm working with a structured mesh and can't achieve results like the old ones. Series9 represents the results obtained with structured mesh. Now I'm stuck, I've changed all the parameters involving time integration like, timestep, time discretization scheme, nGammaCorr, nGammaSubCycles and cGamma, without better results.
On the other hand, the figure show us problems with the calculation of oscillation frequency that is related to gravitational acceleration, maybe terms related to g are miscalculated, I'm guessing.
Any clues? Regards.

nesca87 August 11, 2017 04:08

Hi, Santiago.

I know it's a very old thread, but I am interested into your problem.
I have one question, how did you include the sloshing movement into interFoam? as far as I know, people usually use interDyMFoam for sloshing case. However, interDyMFoam uses adaptive mesh which is quite difficult if one wants to use only one coordinate reference.



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