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cnsidero September 18, 2009 19:40

CoEuler temporal scheme
Anyone had any luck using the CoEuler (local timestepping) temporal scheme?

I managed to figure out what parameters it needs in fvSchemes. i.e.

CoEuler (mass flux var) (density var) (max Courant number)

but I get the following error when I start the calculation:

Unsupported temporal differencing scheme : CoEuler
on patch outflow of field p in file "./airfoil/0.00992002/p"

From function advectiveFvPatchField<Type>::updateCoeffs()
in file fields/fvPatchFields/derived/advective/advectiveFvPatchField.C at line 265.

I took a look in the above source file but it looks like a major change would be necessary to get CoEuler to work.

I'm just using fixedValue derived type boundary conditions for the pressure. Is there some caveat about getting CoEuler thats not obvious?

podallaire September 18, 2009 21:21

you could try something like ... :

default CoEuler phi maxCo 0.5;

Good luck


cnsidero September 19, 2009 10:42


Originally Posted by podallaire (Post 229890)
you could try something like ... :

default CoEuler phi maxCo 0.5;

Good luck


Not to be rude but I stated in the first post that I understood what parameters to use fvSchemes - thats not my problem if you read the error. Plus there is no volScalarField called "maxCo" - I read the source file and its looking for a density field.

It has to do with the CoEuler not being support in the boundary conditions.

Anyone else have an ideas?

JackW November 7, 2016 01:45

For others (as this question is old, but I was making a stupid mistake earlier ;) ), this is probably because p was set to


This doesn't make sense for a steady state simulation - as there are no propagation of waves when ddt = 0.

Instead, try setting to a fixedValue (equal to the static pressure value) at the outlet.

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