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sebastianweiper October 2, 2009 08:46

Moving Mesh with sliding interface
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Hi Foamers,

I want to simulate a 2D Modell of an engine. The valve is moving with topological changes and sliding interfaces. I have a Problem with my mesh generation. My dynamicmeshdict looks like that:

dynamicFvMeshLibs 1("");

dynamicFvMesh linearValveLayersFvMesh;

patch movingwall;

minThickness 1;
maxThickness 1;


pistonVelocity (0 -1 0);

inside insideSlider;
outside outsideSlider;

But the Prublem is that the min and maxThickness is not right. It shows very bad mesh at the sliding interface. The element length is 1mm.
Is it possible to implement a interface like ggi for linear moving? That the different points between the two sliding faces are interpolated and not connected.

This page show that it is possible i think:

Thank you for your help

hjasak October 3, 2009 06:13

I would suggest that you contact Tommaso or try to get your hands on the 2-D engine tutorial from the Workshop. That will show you precisely what to do.

Incidentally, you can always replace the sliding interface on the valve curtain with a GGI. this will also give you more freedom with motion, it is better for parallelism etc.

... but the trick won't work on 2-stroke engines for the intake and exhaust passages

Good luck,


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