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wavytracy October 29, 2009 06:07

Wild pressure fluctuations with InterDyMFoam
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I'm looking at verification of OpenFOAM with the Kleefsman et al (2005) dambreak simulation but I'm getting wild pressure fluctuations near the obstacle (at positions P1 to P7 in Kleefsman). I will try to attach a plot for position P1.

I have adapted the interDyMFoam dambreak tutorial, using exactly the same fvSolution and fvSchemes files. I have also tried changing various parameters, including the div schemes with only partial success.

Can anyone help me with a recommendation for schemes, or other, that may resolve this problem please?

maysmech April 29, 2011 09:56

I have this problem too.
My case is a cyclone with pisoFoam and Smagorinsky LES.
What can be the cause of this high fluctuation? This fluctuation is seen on both residuals and magnitude of P. i mean at one time step range of P is from 0 to 500 but at next time step it becomes from -800 to -100 and so on ...


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