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mahaputra October 30, 2009 03:59

wind turbine simulation
Im interested to simulate atmospheric boundary layer by using OpenFOAM.

1. is there any people has been started to work within this area ? would you be so kind to share some idea how to start ?

2. anyway, im also looking for any 3d wind blade model (CAD file). it could be a generic or a commercial wind blade model, for example from Vestas blade design.

hope some people can help me.

have a nice weekend


ddigrask October 30, 2009 19:40

Hi Nugie,

Its a very interesting topic.
1. The right place for you to start would be trying to model boundary layer in a channel flow case and then gradually moving towards wind turbines (and terrain... if you wish to).

2. Its not too difficult to model a wind turbine blade. Look for airfoil tables in papers for any airfoil. It will have chord and twist distribution and depending on that you can model the blade.

Good luck.


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