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woody November 16, 2009 11:08

Weak Coupling of Two Fluid Fields/ Regions
Dear All,

for my Simulation I am in need of something like a Fluid-Fluid Coupling Condition for the chtMultiRegionFOAM solver:confused:. However scanning the tutorial gives me some Ideas, but no solutions at all. Which of the following is the fastest way to paradise?

  1. Using something like
    type directMappedWall;
    nFaces 0;
    startFace 1070;
    sampleMode nearestPatchFace;
    sampleRegion rightSolid;
    samplePatch rightSolid_to_bottomAir;
    offset (0 0 0);
    but with directMapped?? Which startFace do I have to use?
  2. Creating a new BC like solidWallMixedTemperatureCoupled?? (I Know this is not that simple, but I hoppe I can handle this...
  3. Using something like a processor or coupled BC ?
It might be highly impolite, but I would also appreciate some examples for these BC's. I can't find them in the Forum.

Thanks in advance!!


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