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ezsoal December 1, 2009 07:33

fvSchemes: "Gauss limitedLinear" Vs "Gauss limitedLinearV"

I'm doing a simulation of flow past cylinder for the following regimes:

subsonic laminar using icoFoam
subsonic turbulent using pisoFoam
supersonic using sonicFoam

My solutions were initially blowing up, but I changed the "div(phi,U)" scheme from "Gauss limitedLinearV 1" to "Gauss limitedLinear 1" (changed the vector version to scalar)" and the solvers are working fine now, with results that look ok to me.

Just want to know if its ok to do this, or is it necessary to use the vector version of Gauss limitedLinera for div(phi,U)?

The OpenFOAM Use Manual has this to say about it:

"There are improved versions of some of the limited schemes for vector fields in which the limited is formulated to take into account the direction of the field. These schemes are selected by adding V to the name of the general scheme, e.g.limitedLinearV for limitedLinear. V versions are available for the following schemes: limitedLinearV, vanLeerV, GammaV, limitedCubicV and SFCDV."

Would appreciate some insight into this!


mwaqas April 9, 2015 03:47

Hello Jignesh

Have you found the answer. I am also using limitedlinearV and my solution is not working.


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