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misakagan December 9, 2009 06:59

Field averaging in a certain time interval

As a quite new OpenFOAM user I am on a task to simulate turbulent round jets, for which I am using LES with dynamic Smagorinsky model.

My question is about the sampling of the turbulent data. I could not find how field averages for a certain time interval are done. As expected, I would like to collect statistics after the jet develops entirely into the region, i.e. not starting from the first time step.

Any helps will be appreciated.

misakagan December 11, 2009 06:39

Maybe giving an example would help to gather some information.

I want to study Umean between times 200-500 for example, since the interval 0-200 is reserved for the developing of the flow. As far as I can see OpenFOAM does the averaging only for the time interval 0-500, as the averaging starts from the first time step and ends with the final time step.

Anyone knows a solution? Do I need to implement new code?

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