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makaveli_lcf December 15, 2009 15:49

smoothSolver diverges - solution in using PBiCG solver?
Hi all!
I have 2 points to discuss:

1st one:

I wrote a heat transfer solver based on pimpleFoam, adding heat transfer equation.
I use high Courant numbers (up to 5) to speed up calculations. Flow simulation runs without problems (GAMG solver for pressure, smoothSolvers for U and turbulent parameters). By analogy I used smoothSolver also for TEqn in my solver:

        solver          smoothSolver;
        smoother      GaussSeidel;
        tolerance      1e-05;
        relTol          0;
    nSweeps        1;

But it diverges just at the beggining of simulation with error in GaussSeidel smoother method.

Then I just switched TEqn solver to PBiCG with DILU preconditioner


        solver          PBiCG;
        preconditioner    DILU;
        tolerance      1e-05;
        relTol          0;

and every thing runs Ok. I compared transient solution at different times with pisoFoam solution + heat transfer, and all fields correspond realy good to each other.
So what is the reason for such behavior?

2nd point:

Why am I using pimpleFoam? I solve more complicated task with solidification and turbulent flow. For some cases I search for steady state. One approache is to use steady state solvers, another - to apply transient or cvazi-transient solvers to reach steady state when solution will become stable.

I tried to use simpleFoam just to test such posibility for my task. It reached solution which transient solvers achieve and do not change later, but instanteniously solution deverged! Residuals got a big jump and solution crashed... Am wondering why it happend? Stable solution for that simmetric geometry which I used was assimetric, because there are 3 jets and in 2D they cannot be stable because two zones of low pressure do not have a connection. Is assymethry of solution the case for steady state solver to deverge?

So now I an forced to use PISO or PIMPLE technics to solve my problem... But it is time-consuming!

So, waiting for your opinion! Have a good day!

jackeyhust August 20, 2013 16:22

Hello, Dr. Alexander VAKHRUSHEV,

I have met the same situation as you had. Have you got an idea about it?


makaveli_lcf August 21, 2013 11:17

Hi Jackie!

My post was from 2009, since that OpenFOAM improved a lot in numerics. So I do not observe that now in my simulations... Sometimes under-relaxation really helps to avoid simulation from explosion.


sh.d September 11, 2013 12:44

Hi Dr.Alexander
Can you tell me what the difference is GAMG algorithms algorithms AMG?

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