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Axel_T January 5, 2010 17:26

compressible transient mixture of 3 gases - is there a suitable solver?
Dear Foam-Users,

I have to simulate the flow and mixing of three different gases in a closed chamber with one inlet under raising pressure.

Since now I used rhoPisoFoam to see at least the flow and turbulence within the chamber while (some) gas streams in. But although I set up thermophysicalProperties, initial state and boundary conditions for the different gases, the related fieldvariables dissappear at the next timesteps. So I have to use another solver, I suppose.

But the multiphase solvers are incompressible or inmiscible.

And the engineFoam seems also suitable at the first look, but I can't see the gas-concentrations, when I examine the engineFoam tutorial's results.

Is there any possibility to setup a solver for this problem without writing or modifying some code?

I'd appreciate any Ideas about that.


Axel_T January 15, 2010 21:01

reactingFoam without reaction?
Dear Foamers,

I've found out that I could possibly use reactingFoam for my application. I thought that changing the values for "chemistry" in the chemistryProperties file to "off", would switch the reaction off.

When I run that solver with my case, everything seems fine, at first. I can see for example the concentration-fields of each spezies change over the first timesteps, but then the execution stops. The error ist the temperature raising above the specified (janaf) range.

I'll keep on trying with that solver, maybe it will run some day...

alberto January 17, 2010 01:24


take a look at this:


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