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smm1457 January 15, 2010 12:28

utility utilization in 1.6 !
Dear Foamers!

I am a new user and I want to use 1.6 utilities such as wallShearStress, R and Rcomponent in my programs!

i can run OF cases and regular post processing with paraview, but ...

i am confused:(
indeed, can i use FoamX in 1.6?


can any one help me?


ata January 16, 2010 12:15

Utility utilization in 1.6 !
As I know FoamX is for older version of OF and it does not work with OF 1.6.
Best Regards


smm1457 January 16, 2010 14:13

Thank you ata

smm1457 January 17, 2010 16:06

For other users!

I find it!

it is not too hard!!!

just running the utility(= type its name in the terminal after cd) , and after that using paraview!

some utilities need to turbulane model using (such as R and wallShearStress)

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