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hamburgFoam January 25, 2010 07:21

Description for RAS Modeling
Does anybody have a (good) description for the RAS model? I found a lot about the LES and RANS modells on the internet, but unfortunately nothimg about the RAS model!

Regards, Ilja

JinBiao January 29, 2010 05:29


From my understanding, LES (Large eddy simulation) and RANS (Reynolds Averaged Numerical Simulation) are different approaches or methodologies to handle the turbulence problems. RAS (Reynolds Averaged Stress) models are based on RANS.

I am not quite sure whether I am completely right.



hamburgFoam January 29, 2010 05:56

thank you a lot Jinbiao,

do you have any paper, theses etc. with a description of the RAS model?

regards, Ilja

niklas January 29, 2010 07:05

i say tomato
you say tomato....

hamburgFoam January 29, 2010 07:35

hey niklas,

does it mean RAS = RANS? :rolleyes:

JinBiao January 29, 2010 08:09

I mean if you can understand RANS, then it will be easy for you to understand RAS models. Sometimes RAS is used instead of RANS though. There are many RAS models. I am sorry that I do not have a good paper about them.

I think the following webpage may be helpful

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