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los January 30, 2010 23:37

Heat Transfer Coefficient
I just installed openFOAM, so sorry if the question sounds stupid, but how do I set a heat transfer coefficient and prescribed heat flux in the laplacian solver?

I have this routine in fluent which I just simulate the solid with standard heat transfer conditions (heat tranfer coefficient, fixed temperature and prescribed heat flux) and I want to try to port it to openFOAM. Later I will need to run a optimizer and it looks like openFOAM can be reasonably faster.

Any suggestion? Thanks

feijooos January 31, 2010 13:09

You can set a fixed heat flux by setting a temperature gradient BC. Look in /0/T
There is a similar procedure for the fixed temperature.

type gradient
value uniform 8 (the gradient value)

type fixedValue
value uniform 400 (temperature value)

los January 31, 2010 16:22

Thank you, but how do I set the heat transfer coefficient? and the reference temperature?

feijooos January 31, 2010 17:16

I don't know an easy way to set that up.

los January 31, 2010 18:14

Thats something unexpected =O

can you give me just give me some start instructions about the hard way?

feijooos January 31, 2010 18:44

I would say that you have to implement a new boundary condition. I don't think this type of BC exists as of yet. However, I would search the forum thoroughly before doing anything else.

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