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stephan February 11, 2010 17:59

decompose manually with given datafile

i need to decompose manually but i have no clue how the content of the necessary datafile should look like. Any ideas or experiences?

stephan March 2, 2010 16:06

hi, finaly there is a nice solution from mattijs: the option -cellDist of the decompose-tool forces the decomposition method (all except manual - in case you don't have allready a file for the manual cell decomposition) to write a file with name "cellDist". This file contains essentially a labelList which has the size of the global mesh and contains for each cell one label. this label is the proc no. of the specific cell. So the format of the datafile needed to decompose manually is known. The user may modify the list appropriate to his wishes, changing the method of decomposition in decomposeParDict to manual (and the datafile name) and reuse the decompose-tool to generate a decomposition which was given in the datafile. For me this file was written in the 0-dir of the case and i needed to copy the file to the constant-dir of the case. Thanks Mattijs! Regards Stephan

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