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ghindi February 22, 2010 05:02

Weller combustion model - engineFoam solver.
Hi there!

I'm planning to use OF in my Master thesis to model SI combustion, mainly in part load operations.

I understand that engineFoam solver uses the Weller combustion model, but as his model has evolved with time, till what level is it implemented in the engineFoam solver?

If I decide to implement the LES flame wrinkling combustion model, does anyone know how complicated will it be to merge the Xifoam in a new SI solver, and will this be the correct way?

Thanks in advance!


sheaker May 6, 2016 05:56

Hello Gustavo! Did You found information about Weller combustion implementation?
I'm trying to understand engineFoam.
I have found equations for:
mut, alphat, r, k, epsilon - from kEpsilon
b, Xi, Ea, Eau, ft, p, U - from XiFoam (?)

but it is so complicated/complex (or I don't know/understand something) that I can't even find N-S (momentum) equation, continuity equation and energy equation.

I know I need to locate equation of state (ideal gas) but it is not a problem.

If You know any other important equations that I've miss please, tell me.

Have a nice day.

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